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Ongl Studio.  Where art meets design.  Working at the intersection of Interior Architecture and Installation Art to develop creative installations and spatial interventions that have impact, purpose and meaning.  
The studio is a collaboration between Sarah and Dan, and a network of creative collaborators, founded in 2014 to explore and facilitate a unique process of generating ideas and reimagining space.  As a multi-disciplinary team with a hands-on approach we apply our knowledge and skill sets across a multitude of project types.  We work with: Architects, Designers, companies, individuals, and organisations, within: public spaces, education, exhibitions, and public art.


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Sarah McCall-Morgan

Sarah’s study of Interior Architecture has shaped her interest in creating spatial narratives and enhancing human interactions through creative and interactive installations. She is interested in the roles that engagement, process, function, and form play in strengthening the relationship between people and their surroundings and is passionate about instilling a sense of place, identity and community to a project outcome.  Alongside her practice, Sarah is an Associate Lecturer at UWE Bristol and Cardiff Met.
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Dan Morgan

With a background in Art, Film and Theatre, Dan thrives on realising art on a large scale.  He is a driving force of conceptual thinking.  He looks for the line between art and space and blurs it.  Dan is particularly interested in the impact of art within public spaces, how it occupies space, and enlivens spatial experiences – an approach that has been applied to a multitude of projects for a vast range of clients and collaborative partners.

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