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Founded in 2014 and based in South Wales, Ongl Studio is a collaboration between Sarah and Dan.  We’re a studio of creative problem-solvers, working at the intersection of installation art and interior architecture.  We’re passionate about art, design, and culture, and about the roles they play in strengthening relationships between people and spaces.  
We’re specialists in reimagining existing spaces; in developing site-specific artworks, designs, and strategies for public spaces; in exhibition and interpretation design.  We work as part of multi-disciplinary teams and directly with appointing bodies and clients.  We put people at the centre of our process by engaging with communities and groups to bring about a sense of place, identity and ownership to a project outcome.  We apply our specialist knowledge and skill sets across the art and interior spectrum to develop and deliver innovative, custom and bespoke creative interventions that transform spaces into places with impact, purpose and meaning.


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Sarah McCall-Morgan

Sarah is the Founding Director of Ongl Studio. Focussed on form and function, on shaping spatial narratives and human interactions; she is passionate about the relationships and experiences that interior spaces can initiate and reinforce. Alongside her practice, Sarah is an Associate Lecturer of Interior Architecture at University of the West of England and Cardiff Metropolitan University.
“When I established Ongl Studio in 2014 I was driven by a desire to combine design thinking with an art-led, hands-on approach to realising ideas. Through collaboration with artists and makers, Ongl pushes the boundaries of spatial design, perceiving solutions as creative interventions – as sculptures with functions within existing spaces; especially within the interiors, exhibition and interpretive design sectors..”
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Dan Morgan

Dan is the Creative Director of Ongl Studio. With a background in Art, Film and Theatre he thrives on realising art on a large scale within public spaces. Dan is a driving force of conceptual thinking. He looks for the line between art and interior and blurs it – an approach that Ongl has applied to a multitude of projects for a vast range for clients and collaborative partners.
“The best way to describe my mentality towards my work with Ongl Studio? In the 00’s there was a succession of music videos where a person would walk a route and objects would just appear in the right place, at the right time, with the right function. LCD Soundsystem – Tribulations video by Dougal Wilson epitomises this. I love this conceptual idea and want every design or artwork we create to achieve this level of functionality and purpose in everyday life.”

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