Green Man Sessions 2014

You’ve probably noticed us going wild for Green Man backstage sessions via twitter and Facebook lately.  Well, it’s all been in aid of showcasing a set we designed and made for the festival’s live sessions tent this August.

Team Ongl and our eager assistant Matt Allmark pitched up in crew camping, joining the rest of the Green Man bringers in realising the festival magic ahead of the influx of music lovers.  Fuelled mainly by mashed potato, cous-cous, [if you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit join the] Club biscuits and bananas we got to work setting the backdrop to the Green Man exclusive backstage sessions, with On-Par Productions taking the filming reigns.

Our design for the sessions set weaved together the visual, the conceptual and the tactile spirit of Green Man.  Expressed through a woven structure dressed with paper lanterns of blue, green and orange hues extracted from the festival’s visual branding; the set resembled both a stack of vinyl sleeves and a cherished blanket; embracing the performers inside and equipping On-Par Production with depth and texture to work with visually.

You can watch the entire collection of sessions online via Green Man YouTube channel and The 405

 Check ‘em out!

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