Cardiff Contemporary : Part 2

The Beuys Pavilion #2 that stands in place of the first was designed in partnership with Cardiff based artist David Sopwith as a locus for the remaining ‘Mapping the Inconsequential’ micro residencies during Cardiff Contemporary’s 5 weeks programme; realised this time as a classic white cube, penetrable only through the exchange of ideas between the wider public, artists, architects, and designers.

Heloise Godfrey-Talbot, Rhian Thomas + Rob Stevens @fieldcollective, Graphic Design at Cardiff Met, Ben Ewart-DeanLaura Sorvala have over the weeks engaged with the passing public to make their mark on the cube, contributing to a collective, social expression of nostalgia and passion for our Capital city, and challenging preconceptions of what constitutes a white cube gallery space.

Here are some of the many many photos documenting the pavilion’s public transformation.

Our thanks goes again to Nick Russill for his documentary of the Beuys #2 build.  The time-lapse can be viewed here >>>  BeuysCube


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